Validations for Heavy Equipment

We have been helping customer with their validation needs for more than 5 years, we are experts and make sue you get the service you need

About Us

We are a women owned business that handles all of your car export needs from Miami or Port Everglades. Dade and Broward counties have special provisions in their laws for exporting vehicles (19CFR Part 192.2 - Export Control Law).

We have over 5 years of combined experience in this field and we work with exporters, freight forwarders, car dealerships, NVOCC, and private individuals. We differ from freight forwarders in that we provide this professional service only and we are an expert on expediting the required and necessary documentation needed to export the vehicle.
MBVA Services Corp not only takes care of all of your paperwork but we courier the paperwork to US Customs.

While we provide the full spectrum service, if the necessary paperwork is already completed and ready for US Customs presentation we can arrange a pickup and personally validate it for you at US Customs. While you can do this, we have the ability and knowledge to expedite the paperwork since we assure that the paperwork is complete before presenting and avoid delays and demurrage charges for your shipment. So with our expertise we save you time, headaches, and money.

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